My overall experience at The Armani Clinic was wonderful. The staff is all very knowledgeable and caring. The facility is state of the art and the after care is second to none. But the biggest thing that has impressed me thus far is the early growth I have seen and the dramatic difference in my hair after only 4 months.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Month 6

Here are my 6 month photos. Over the last month the density has really taken off. I can feel a great difference as far as thickness when I run my hands thru my hair. The hairline has also matured and is much easier to style now. Things are looking more then great!!

Below are my 5 month photos. Things have continued to progress very well. My hair has really thickened up over the last month. My hairline and vertex have come in so full and dense, my result has really exceeded my expectations! I have taken some photos below that show off just how thick my hair is. That I restored with Alvi Armani hair transplant Los Angeles Clinic.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


4 Months (click to enlarge)

2 Months (click to enlarge)

Post op (click to enlarge)

Before (click to enlarge)